Pioneering pastoralist Francis Cobbold, Cobbold Gorge, Queensland

Born in 1853, Francis Cobbold left England on a clipper in 1867 aged 14, survived Fijian cannibals and hurricanes en route to Australia and became one of the great pioneering pastoralists. He earned the respect of fellow bushmen, business partners and bankers, and made a fortune which he gave away at his death in 1935.

A Lifechart display panel on the life of Francis E Cobbold

Commissioned by The Cobbold Family History Trust to be displayed at the beautiful Cobbold Gorge in Queensland, Australia, which was named after Francis Cobbold, a 19th-century pioneer who developed areas of the outback, where no white man had previously ventured, into the cattle and sheep stations that exist today. His integrity and resourcefulness made him admired by bushmen, trusted by partners and courted by bankers, and he left a large fortune to charity on his death in 1935.

The research, image gathering and design work were all completed in the UK and the final artwork sent electronically to be printed in Australia.

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