Display panel at Cheltenham College on Edward Wilson, Antarctic Explorer

Gifted doctor, scientist, naturalist, artist and a leading member of Captain Scott’s Antarctic expeditions, Edward Wilson’s life (1872-1912) was tragically cut short at the age of 40.

A display panel on the life of Edward Wilson at Cheltenham College

Commissioned by Cheltenham College to commemorate an exceptional ex-pupil who was chosen as surgeon, zoologist and illustrator by Captain Robert Scott to join his Discovery (1901-1904) and Terra Nova (1910-1913) expeditions. It was towards the end of the latter that, having become the first Britons to reach the South Pole, all five men died, three of them – Scott, Wilson and Bowers – only 11 miles from their food depot. Edward Wilson’s beautiful illustrations of his native Cheltenham and the wildlife and landscapes of the Antarctic form part of the three permanent displays in Cheltenham – one at the College, one at Westal where he lived and one in the town centre close to his statue.

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